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Kona Super Coffee is 100% Kona Coffee

Up on the slopes of Mauna Loa is Cancino Family Farm; our passion for coffee is what makes our Kona Super Coffee unique. 


Kona Super Coffee

About Cancino Family Farm:

 High up on the slopes of Mauna Loa in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, at a higher elevation, where the winds blow mildly and the soil is rich is a family owned and operated farm known as...Cancino Family Farm. Our family's dedication to make our Kona Super Coffee began in 1993, and from then we have strived to make our Kona Super Coffee unique. 

The commonly grown Arabica species of coffee tree in Kona, Hawaii thrives in Kona's ideal climate conditions of early sunny mornings, early afternoon cloud coverage and late afternoon misty showers, thereby producing rarely seen around the world larger and denser coffee cherries...for the most rich and fullest bodied cup of coffee. We, at Cancino Family Farm understand the value of treating a coffee tree with care from it’s young beginnings in order to ultimately provide you with some of the best coffee around the world. 

 Our 100% Kona Super Coffee is uniquely hand picked, only the cherriest cherries will give our coffee the unique flavor we have strived for. Early sunny mornings make it possible for us to dry our coffee on our Hoshidanas (drying platforms) helping us maintain the Japanese style tradition of drying our coffee with the sun. We roast our 100% Kona Super Coffee on property and in small batches to guarantee a smooth and consistent roast. Taste our 100% Kona Coffee today and learn what makes our Kona Super Coffee truly  unique.

100% Kona Super Coffee

Cancino Family Farm:

Buying 100% Kona Coffee

We buy 100% Kona Coffee only. Bring us your ripest cherry, green bean, and parchment for fast pay today!

Processing Kona Coffee

We wet mill cherry, dry parchment, and custom roast beans. Do you prefer a light, medium, or dark  roast of 100% Kona coffee?

Selling Kona Coffee

We wholesale graded green coffee and parchment. We grade our beans by Kona's grading system of Certified Kona Coffee. Which grade are you looking for?

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